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         Birth Center

Mamma's House...                 

This free standing birth center began                                                                                              years ago.  It was started by an Amish                                                                                  woman who ran the center happily                                                                                                caring for all of the new born babies after                                                                                    they were born. Parents loved her care. Sadly, several years ago, she passed away from cancer.  Her family has taken over the running of the Center, renaming it to honor her-Mamma's House.  It has several birthing rooms, a birthing tub, you receive home cooked meals and can stay up to 3 days after the birth all for $650.00  Or if you only stay for 24 hours after the birth, then the fee is $350.00

This fee is in addition to your midwives fee.  This fee is subject to change without notice.  Location of the Birth Center : Colon Michigan.

You can call JoAnn at this number to set up a tour:


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