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           WATER BIRTH


    Water is wonderful for therapy for all kinds of                                                                            problems. The medical community has been using                                                                      water therapy for back injuries and other injuries as                                                                      a form of therapy for years. Some physical therapy                                                                      units have pools and hot tubs to be used for the                                                                           therapy process.

          Why not for birth? Many babies are now being                                                                    born into water. Water therapy is wonderful for a                                                                      hard labor or a long labor. It helps for back labor                                                                              as well. If you are having a long labor, perhaps the                                                                   baby is slightly posterior and needs to turn. 

           Sometimes those contractions are so hard for mothers to deal with, and after they climb into the tub, they are able to relax more and that helps to turn the baby as they relax. Most all mothers like the water therapy. If you don’t want to deliver in the water, at least labor in the water.


Why a Water birth?

~Facilitates mobility and enables the mother                                                                        to assume any position which is comfortable                                                                       for labor and pushing

~Speeds up labor

~Reduces blood pressure

~Gives mother more feelings of control

~Provides significant pain relief

~Promotes relaxation

~Conserves her energy

~Reduces the need for drugs and interventions

~Protects the mother from interventions by giving her a protected private space

~Reduces perineal tearing

~Reduces cesarean section rates

                                         ~Is highly rated by mothers – typically stating they would                                                      consider giving birth in water again

                                         ~Is highly rated by midwives

                                         ~Encourages an easier birth for mother and a gentler                                                            welcome for baby

                                         ~Is easy for family to be involved.



Water Birth International

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