Kelli  is in the program to become a CPM.  She will be with me at most of your appointments and at your birth.  Her  goal is to continue with her work for the woman of color, who in this country (United States) have a higher rate of poor outcomes. Kelli is in Phase one of her training for a CPM thru the North American Registry of Midwives Association.  Another way to think is she is a Freshman! 

Kylie is a student nurse, who has just finished her LPN courses and will test this summer.  She will continue with her studies and become a RN by spring of 2021.  Then she will work towards her advanced degree in nursing and eventually a CNM. Meanwhile, she will assist at appointments, births and even do appointments and post partum appointments for me.  Once her classes begin again this fall (of 2020) she will not be as available to help --but you may see her now and then at appointments or your birth!

Now for more about them, read below! 

                            Kelli Brien 

I am a passionate maternal health advocate, focused on eliminating health disparities and the disproportionate African American and Latina infant and maternal mortality rates. I created the Speak Life Doula program and co-authored the Safety PIN grant that garnered multiple million dollar awards from the Indiana State Department of Health. I am a Certified Lactation Specialist, Lamaze Certified Childbirth Educator, Spinning Babies® Certified Parent Educator, Certified Birth Doula with DONA International, and Postpartum Doula of over 13 years. I am a member of: DONA International, Breastfeeding USA, International Childbirth Education Association, the United States Lactation Association, The Saint Joseph County Fetal Infant Mortality Review team, the Indiana State Department of Health Maternal Mortality Review Committee and chair of the Birth Equity Subcommittee and Indiana Ambassador for DONA International. I established the 32nd Milk Bank Depot in Indiana.  I authored the Birthing Bill of Rights to champion the rights of mothers during the childbearing year.

I testified at the Indiana Statehouse in House and Senate chambers in support of Senate Bill 416, for Medicaid reimbursement of doulas which passed, and was signed by Governor Eric Holcomb. I authored  all curriculum and standard operating procedures related to the Speak Life doula program to identify, train and employ doulas to provide education, advocacy and resources to over 200 families throughout 12 counties in Indiana. Under my leadership, not one infant or mother was lost to infant or maternal mortality. I trained with The Minnesota Prison Doula Project to advocate and provide doula services for incarcerated women. I have spoken at many conferences, television and radio broadcasts for Beacon Memorial Hospital of South Bend, Notre Dame University, Indiana Minority Health Coalition, WFYI, WNIT and the Indiana State Department of Health. 


           Kylie Zimmerman 


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