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       Things to Avoid:    

1. artificial sugars such as Equal, Sweet and Low,                                                                              Nutra-sweet-stuff like that.  Aspartame is a neuro-toxin (brain)                                                        this means that it may affect your baby’s brain development. (the part that effects complex learning and hormone control)

2. Avoid white sugar and products that say it has white sugar, also brown sugar (as that is just white sugar with molasses added) and fructose or High fructose corn syrup and corn syrup.   Read your label for these words.

3. Avoid Bleached White flour and products that include this product.

4. Avoid flour that says “wheat” as it is a mix of a little bit of wheat and a lot of white flour.  It needs to say the following: Whole Wheat or stone ground wheat flour.  

5. Cereals that are packaged-even what WIC allows. (WIC is not the best for nutrition) again, due to the ingredients-white flour and sugars. (not to mention the chemical in the packaging process!)

6. Pop-soft drinks. Ok, this should be a no brainer-                                                                         but it still needs to be said. 

7. White breads and white rice (except texmati and  basamti rice is ok) also pastries (white flour and sugar)

8. Salt:  The salt that pours easily is not good for you!  I think you need to salt to taste, but you should use either sea salt or other natural salt from the earth.  The thing about a natural salt it is moist if the minerals are still in it.  The companies remove the 60 some minerals from the salt that they remove from the earth and sell these minerals separately to make more money. The money is in the minerals not the salt. Money speaks. Due to the removal of these minerals-that is why that salt is not healthy for you-the lack of minerals –it effects how your body processes it!  Avoid any type of chips, processed meats such as hot dogs -bologna- junk like that. They are full of processed salts and chemicals. Also pickles, olives and other pickled foods are very salty.

9. Hydrongated oils and saturated fats. Margarine is not a healthy food product. If you need something in the ‘butter’ category-then eat real butter.  Made from real milk. But it should be organic. A cow fed hormones and antibiotics will give milk full of this stuff and it will be in the butter too.

10. Oils:  avoid vegetable oil (its molecular structure does not hold up in high heat) Canola oil, lard, peanut oil, and shortening

11.ok as long as I am on the oils-avoid peanut oil as said above but also peanut butter.  Peanuts are often grown with cotton and they spray so many chemicals on cotton. (since it is not a food product and the peanuts grow under-ground so they can – “get away with the spraying”– again, if you eat peanut butter or peanuts, eat organic.

12. Canned foods from the store. These are processed, salted (with the bad salt) or processed with chemicals to remove the salt, or in general-processed badly. Do not eat them! The nutrients are not there, they will fill the space of an empty tummy but do nothing for your nutrition except to put in toxins that your body now has to remove. If you tell me you can-not afford to avoid them completely then buy organic canned foods. You will find it is actually less expensive to purchase frozen vegetables (hopefully organic) than canned foods like this.

13. Processed foods and meats. The convenience foods…mac and cheese, boxed meals– 

and bologna, hotdogs, beef sticks, salami, bacon, pepperoni, salami….

14. raw meats and fish, so no sushi

15. City water with the chemicals. get a water filter to remove the                                                    chemicals.

16. Fried foods. They are artery clogging.

17. Alcohol, pop, coffee and non-herbal teas.

18. avoid the following chemicals (must read your label) MSG, Sodium                                           Nitrite, Nitrate, Nitrite, Olestra, Food dyes, Saccharin, Aspartame, Acesulfame-K, Caffeine.

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