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Questions To Ask

  1. How busy is your practice?

  2. Do you limit the number of clients you serve so you have more                                        individual time with each one?

  3. How long is an average prenatal visit? (will you have adequate                                                                time to ask all of your questions?)

  4. How did you become a midwife?

  5. What is your training?

  6. What is your certifications?

  7. Do you have an assistant?

  8. Do you have a back up midwife?

  9. Are you available 24 / 7 ?

  10. What emergency equipment do you bring to births?

  11. What are your services?

  12. What is your philosophy of birth?

  13. Do you belong to midwifery organizations?

  14. Do you do continuing education units to keep current with new information?(CEU’s)

  15. Do you subscribe to professional journals, to keep current with new information?

  16. If you are on vacation, or have a day off, who covers for you?

  17. What is your transfer rate?

  18. What is your c-section rate?

  19. What is your back up plan?

  20. Do you have a back up doctor?

  21. What post partum care do you provide?

  22. How many births have you attended / helped with as a total?

  23. What is you fee, and how does it need to be paid?

  24. Do you accept insurance?

  25. Do you bill insurance?

  26. Does you fee cover everything?

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