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Birth Supplies-Kits               

You can order a birth kit from me personally           

or from one of these suppliers:                                     

In His Hands Birth Supplies 

Precious Arrows

Radiant Belly

Everything Birth

Baby Birth and Beyond

Birth With Love


For a home birth the minimum is needed: (if you are putting your kit together yourself)

Items Needed for the Labor and Birth:

  • ~Bed pads, often called chux. The larger thicker pads are what is needed. 10-20 come in a package.

  • ~shower curtain, or large piece of plastic, to cover the bed mattress 

  • ~roll of thick paper towels  

  • ~2 trash bags

  • ~two sets of sheets for your bed

  • ~old baby blankets, about 5

  • ~old bath towels, about 5 (more if having a water birth)

  • ~flash light with new batteries

Water Birth Supplies:

  • ~tub-portable tub if you do not have a large bath tub

  • ~liner for the tub (if needed)

  • ~pump to remove the water

  • ~new garden hose that is ok for running hot water thur the hose.   Rinse with a bleach solution ahead of time

  • ~hose adapter to fit your kitchen or bathroom sink

  • ~fish net for removing debris from the water tub

For the Baby:

  • ~disposable wipes

  • ~diapers

  • ~blankets

For You After the Birth:

  • ~Peri pads.

  • ~ 2-3 adult pull ups (found in the bladder control section of the store)

  • ~5-6 thick pads (poise pads or their equivalent) and 5-10 regular peri pads used for when you have your period.

  • ~Peri cleanse product -made from herbs (optional)

  • ~large underwear

  • ~healthy foods, esp protein

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