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Sign of Problem With Your Baby

BLEEDING: IN THE FIRST 24 HOURS (early onset);

Usually this involves a intracranial bleed and the usual cause if maternal medications during pregnancy. It can also be from a birth injury

CLASSICAL (1-8 days old)

This occurs 1 in 200 to 1 in 4,000 depending on the study you look at. The causes are pre-maturity, delayed onset of feeding, inadequate feeding, low Vit. K in the breast milk. The following are the sites of bleeding in order of their frequency: Gastro-intestinal, cord, ear, nose, throat, needle prick, circumcision, or intracranial.

LATE (8 days to 6 months)

This occurs 1 in 5000 or more. The causes are low vit K in breast milk from a maternal problem. Sometimes the babies liver needs to be checked. Warning signs are: prolonged jaundice, poor feeding, failure to thrive, and any unusual bleeding.

The common sites are intracranial and uro-genital and intrathoracic (chest). This is what you as a parent need to watch for:

  • Any bleeding from anywhere on your baby. From the nose, ears, mouth, umbilical cord, urinary tract, rectum

  • Does your baby bruise really easy? Especially without any trauma?

  • vomiting blood after 24 ours old

  • black tarry stools after meconium has cleared

  • bleeding longer than 6 minutes from any puncture sites

  • pale, jaundices, glassy-eyed, high pitched crying, vomiting, irritable, feverish baby with a low appetite.

  • failure to thrive

  • prolonged or pronounced jaundice, especially with dark urine




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