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                      Supplements Vs Food  

     This is a very important area in your life as a pregnant woman. How you eat will help your baby grow, as a hungry baby comes out early. A hungry baby does not develop correctly. A hungry baby may die.

     It is very important that you eat healthy during your pregnancy. This means good food not junk. Do you realize that you can eat you whole days of calories in one bag of chips? This would be empty calories. They would add weight, bad type of weight, and not give you anything of nutritional value, and you still would be hungry. You need good healthy calories. You need fresh fruits, fresh vegetables, whole grains, juices, calcium, and protein. If you can’t get fresh foods, then go for the frozen. Canned food from the store should only be consumed if you have to. You should also stay away from processed meats, such as hot dogs, hamburger, (unless it is made fresh), bologna, and other processed types of meats. 

    You need deep green, deep orange fruits and vegetables every day. Then choose                          the deep yellow ones, and finally the more pale ones. So you should be eating                            broccoli instead of lettuce. Kale instead of lettuce.

                                          You also need a source of calcium every day, as the baby                                                                           will take from you what he/she needs, so if you are not                                                                               getting enough, you will suffer. There is an old wives tale                                                                            that says, you lose a tooth for every baby you have. This                                                                              was true hundreds of years ago when they did not                                                                                      understand proper diets. Now we know the importance of                                                                          calcium. Your body will take from your reserves which then need to be replaced. This can affect your bone mass. If you don’t like milk, cheese, or other dairy products, then you will need to take calcium supplements. Calcium helps your baby grow strong bones and teeth.

     Signs that you are not getting enough calcium are leg cramps, irritability, and sleeplessness. It can also be associated with an increase of blood pressure. These minerals are important for your heart.

      The following foods contain approximately 300 mg of calcium and are the equivalent of 1 serving: *1 cup milk *1 cup yogurt *1/3 cup dry milk powder (add to home baked foods, cereal, ground meat, or blender drinks) *1-1/2 oz. cheese *1-1/2 cup cottage cheese *1-1/2 cup ice cream *1 cup almonds *2/3 cup canned salmon (with bones) *3 Tbsp ground sesame seeds *1-1/2 cup broccoli, collards, raw cabbage or turnip greens.

    As far as supplements go, they are in place of foods that you are lacking.  If you do not like greens for instance, then a supplement to replace what you are missing in the greens family of foods, is appropriate.  But remember, nothing beats real foods healthy foods!


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