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Immediate Care: FOR THE MOTHER

  • ~~Remember that I will be there with you for at least 2 hours after the birth. I will stay as long as needed.

  • You should eat something after you deliver, esp a                                        protein meal . You need to build back up your strength.                                  You should have foods that are easy to prepare for right                                 after the birth.  Plan ahead! 

  • ~~You should be drinking plenty of fluids.

  • ~~You will begin nursing right away. The first two hours                                 birth is very important to help get the baby off to a                                       

  • ~~During the first 1-2 hours after delivery you will get up                                   to urinate, it is important to keep your bladder empty.                                    Mothers often do not have the sensation to urinate right                                away. If your bladder is not empty, you may have                                        increased bleeding. A full bladder gets in the way of a                                  contracting uterus.

  • ~~I will have you use a squirt bottle to squeeze/spray warm water onto your bottom to help keep your perineum clean. You may put essential oils or herbal water in this warm tap water.

  • ~~I would like you to have a herbal bath  after the birth. It is very healing and soothing.  Do this sometime in the first 48 hours.  It is ok to have the baby in there with you!

Bleeding: You should not bleed more than a period.  If you fill a pad full, soaking full in 30 minutes, that is too much.  You may pass a few small clots, but it should be nothing larger than your fist.  If after passing the clot(s), your bleeding increases, -you will need to call me right away!

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