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Birth Tub Rentals

          I have the following tubs available to rent for my clients use. 


2- Regular size Birth Pool in a box. Cost: $100.00


Pools are only able to be used for several births, the seems will not hold up after that number.  So they must be replaced after several uses.  

                   All are available on a first come first serve basis. 


Each birth pool in a box will come with the following:


                 1.  Electric air pump to inflate the tub


You will need to purchase the following items:

    1.  A one-time-use pool liner to protect the tub & prevent contamination, (average cost                    is $50.00 plus shipping fees)

    2.  Tarp to put under the tub to protect your floor

    3.  Submersible water pump to drain the pool 

    4.  New-lead free hose (is best for your baby's safety.) 

    5.  Tap connector: Adapter for Connecting Hose to Kitchen Faucets or shower.

    6.  Debris net (fish net)

    7.  Puncture repair kit

      Cost to rent a pool will be: $100.00 to deliver and pick up within a 25 mile radius.  You are responsible to set it up, take it down for the birth and clean it after the birth.


This fee is a separate fee from your midwives, doulas, or assistants fee.

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