Birth Tub Rentals

          I have the following tubs available to rent for my clients use. 

                                                   NOT Available Until June 1st.


2- Regular size Birth Pool in a box.

1- Aqua Doula

1- Rubbermaid Oval Water trough

                   All are available on a first come first serve basis. 


Each birth pool in a box and the Aqua Doula will come with the following:

                 1.  Pool cover

                 2.  Electric air pump to inflate the tub


You will need to purchase the following items:

    1.  A one-time-use pool liner to protect the tub & prevent contamination, (average cost                    is $50.00)

    2.  Tarp to put under the tub to protect your floor

    3.  Submersible water pump to drain the pool 

    4.  New-lead free hose (is best for your baby's safety.) 

    5.  Tap connector: Adapter for Connecting Hose to Kitchen Faucets or shower.

    6.  Debris net (fish net)

    7.  Puncture repair kit

      Cost to rent a pool will be: $100.00 to deliver and pick up   within a 25 mile radius.  You are responsible to set it up, take it down for the birth and clean it after the birth.


This fee is a separate fee from your midwives, doulas, or assistants fee.