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Other Information  

1. Steam foods- is a healthy way to cook

2. Get a water filtration system (one that removes the                                                          chemicals) or get your water from someone who has                                                                        a well, in the country, that you know is ok. Fill your                                                                      jugs (glass) and put in the frig. You will have to travel                                                                      to get your water but it is worth it! Remember (and                                                                      you will hear me at every prenatal appointment talk                                                                          about the importance of your water intake) you need 1/2 of your bodies weight—in ounces-of water a day. This is the minimum-just to exist. You actually need more than that to function at your best. If you do not like water much, build up over 2 weeks to this amount to drink. For flavor, add a crushed strawberry or some crushed raspberries to the water.

3. Any cook wear you use should NOT be aluminum, also avoid the use of non-stick pans. They leach out chemicals that are toxic. Aluminum is linked to a possible cause of Alzheimer’s. I watched my mother die from this. It is not pretty.  Use cast iron, stainless steel, glass or stone wear on ALL pans, pots, skillets, baking dishes, slow cookers etc.

4. Avoid plastic containers for your water and food. They leach chemicals.

5. Microwaves are really not totally safe.  Limit the use or avoid all together.

6.Bake, poach, steam or stew your veggies…if not consumed raw.

7. Fresh or Frozen is best-when you begin to process it, it lost its nutritional value. 

8. Organic as much as you can. I KNOW it can be expensive, but it really is best. Start with dairy, and thin-skinned fruits and vegetables.

9. Learn to read the labels because there is stuff not good for you hiding in the products that may even say natural on them! Remember-the word natural does not mean much at all on a label

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