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DAY 2-7

  • ~~Your bleeding should lesson each day. You should                                                        not soak a pad in 20-30 minutes. Remember that the                                                bleeding should be dark red, and you may pass some                                                   clots the first few days. The bleeding will continue for                                                      up to 10-16 days. It will be dark red at first then it will                                              become darker brownish, and then more of a yellowish                                            brown, then more clear, mucus like at times, and then                                                finally you will stop flowing. If you begin again at any                                                     time with red flow, especially bright red blood, you are doing too much. Remember where the placenta detached, needs to heal. This takes about 3 weeks to heal over. If this spot was on the outside of your body where you could see it, you would protect is more. Just because it is on the inside, and you can’t see it, sometimes we tend to do too much activity. Take it easy.   

  •                                                           ~~Your uterus should stay firm and should be                                                                        checked by you and your husband each hour you are                                                             awake for the first day. After day one, you should                                                                  check it at least once or twice a day for the next 5                                                                  days.  It begins on day one about the size of a large                                                              grapefruit, then day two it is about the size of a large                                                            naval orange and each day-it goes down a smaller                                                                fruit size. 

  • ~~You need to eat healthy.

  • ~~You should have someone in the home with you for the next several days. I do not want you to be alone. You should NOT be cooking, cleaning or taking care of any other children. You need to have time to heal, and take care of your new born only.

  • ~~You should begin having bowel movements the next day. Some mothers do not until 2 days after the birth. To avoid becoming constipated, you need to drink a lot of water and eat fiber.

  • ~~When baby sleeps you sleep.

  • ~~You should nurse every 2-3 hours during the day hours, and at night if your baby is sleeping, then it is ok to go longer than that (IF you are nursing well during the day). Allow about 4-5 hours at night but no more. Be sure to nurse during the day on demand. If baby is not “demanding” to nurse at least every 2-3 hours then wake him/her up and nurse!

  • ~~Keep taking the vitamins you were taking before.

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