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What is a VBAC?   

VBAC is a Vaginal birth after a  Cesarean.                                  
Current C-section rate  for the whole state of Indiana and Michigan is as follows:
   Year          Indiana          Michigan
2005                   28.2%                 28.8%                                        2014                   32.8%                 30.3%
2015                   29.6%                 31.9%
2016                   29.8%                 32%
2017                   29.7%                 31.9%
2018                   29.8%                 32.1%
2019                   29.3%                 32%
2020                   30.1%                 32.1%
What do you need: You will need your records from your surgery and your prenatal forms from the pregnancy that you had the c-section for.  You can ask your former care provider for those.  You have a right to a copy of all of your records from that surgery.  Ask for copies of any tests, labs and ultra sounds too.  This is so your midwife can read all of them, and be sure your surgery was done in such a way that your risk will be lower for attempting a VBAC.  Most attempts at a VBAC are successful. 

If you would like to have a VBAC, but are not wanting a Home birth I suggest the following Doctors group.  Dr. Christopher Stroud, at FMCC in Dupont, Indiana.  Phone: (260)-222-7401.  They do an awesome job! There are several Doctors and Midwives working at this group, and I think they are all wonderful!  There is a possibility of Co-Care with their office and our services, if interested in this possibility, just ask us about this option. 
You can also try the following Midwife: Bobbi Brown who works out a hospital in Angola Indiana.  She is awesome!
To read more about VBACs, go to this link:   VBAC

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