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What I Expect Our of You

  •  I expect you to take my child birth class if this is your first baby, or first home birth. This is not included in your fee. This is MANDATORY-no exceptions!! If you want to take a class closer to your home, it will need to be one approved by me.

  • Make all of your scheduled prenatal appointments. If you do not show up or call, I consider it a missed appointment, and after 2 of these you will be dropped from service. We must have a trusting working relationship.

  • If I am coming to your home for the visits, and I miss your visit, you are expected to call me within 24 hours to reschedule or it is counted as a missed visit. ( I do try to contact you if I know I am going to miss your appointment, but sometimes I am not able to do that-) 

  • As soon as you learn of your pregnancy, call me for an appointment, early prenatal care is best.

  • Eat healthy! Junk food, fast food, pop and processed meats/foods are unhealthy. They should be consumed very little- if at all. I can not make you eat healthy, you have to take the responsibility to do this. 

  • Drink plenty of water, juices, milk, and herbal teas. Dehydrating yourself will only cause health problems.

  • Do not use illegal drugs. You will be dropped from my services.

  • Do not smoke, chew or use any tobacco products at all. You will be dropped from my services. Smoking restricts blood flow, thus increases your risk for hypertension, that increases your risk of Pre-eclampsia and that increases the risk of death for your baby. It also puts you at a  high risk for premature delivery. 

  • Avoid alcohol and pop.

  • Take your vitamins and herbal supplements 

  • Report to me anything abnormal, or any signs of early labor right away!

  • Listen to my advice, read about the information I have given you and make a informed decision.

  • BE HONEST at all times, do not with-hold information just to attempt a home birth. 

  • Pay me on time and as we have scheduled. There is a late fee if you do not pay on time.

  • Have your birth supplies bought in a timely manner. 

  • Do NOT lie to me. If you lie to me, for example about smoking during your pregnancy, or how you eat , You will be dropped from my services. 


During Labor I Expect You-


    * To call me at the first sign of labor. This is what I call the "heads         up" call. 

  • Eat and drink all you want to and can handle

  • Be up moving around, not lying in bed for the whole labor

  • Allow me to monitor you and your baby and the labor progress.This means that I WILL do at least one vaginal exam. NO EXCEPTIONS. 

  • Have your birth supplies ready as I have asked prior to  beginning of labor

  • If the birth enters what is no longer considered normal, I will suggest that you transfer to the hospital. When I do suggest this, I expect you to listen and act then.  If we need to transfer, we need to do it in a timely manner prior to baby becoming distressed. After the birth, again if for any reason I ask you to transfer into the hospital for care, you will need to follow my advice, and not expect me to continue with your care at home if I feel that you need to go to the hospital.

After The Birth You Will 

  • Allow me to monitor you and your baby 

  • Drink lots of fluids

  • Breast feed, and continue to breast feed your baby, avoiding bottles (even with breast milk in them) until at least the baby is 2 weeks old.

  • Not do any work for one week-that means no dishes, cooking or cleaning.

  • Do not lift other children -you can carry and lift your baby but that is it for the weight limit.

  • Have someone to be with you day and night for the first week. And from week 2 until week 4 you will have someone help with meals, laundry, and cleaning daily as needed. You will have someone come in twice a week for the laundry and cleaning.

  • You will not do more than I have released you to do.

  • Often moms want to get back up and begin their work a week or so later. They think, I am doing ok, so I will just do a little more each day…. Your precious baby is only this age for this short time, enjoy this time off with your baby. I know it gets hard to just sit around for weeks, relaxing, and not doing heavy work-but again, it is the best thing for you. GOD in HIS wisdom tells us to rest . Your body actually heals better when you rest. Resting does NOT mean sitting on your butt for 6 weeks, but it means not working, Not lifting heavy wet loads of laundry, not carrying in groceries, or other heavy work….it means taking care of your newborn, enjoying the time with the young child, time you will never get back as your baby grows….don't waste it by working… 

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