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Do you accept Insurance?


What do I owe?

You will owe me the base fee of $3500.00 which is a cash discount fee . We will discuss this at your first appointment.

Will I owe more?

Depends on your location.  IF you live outside of the hour radius I normally serve, there may be a travel fee.  

Do you offer any discount (s)? 

You can receive a discount from the above fee, we will discuss that at your appointment. 

Do you accept payments?

Yes, but the full amount (the cash discount) needs to be paid by 35 weeks. 

What if my insurance pays? Do I still owe?

Yes, you will still need to pay me.  I do not accept or bill insurance.  So, depending on what your insurance might pay you, you may still owe me.  They may reimburse what you pay me, but you will have to turn in your receipt.  I will NOT bill them.  (Read that again please).  Remember-you are not allowed to 'make money' off from your insurance company either.

What does your fee include?

Prenatal care/visits

Birthing care

A birth kit, including a post care tincture and herbal bath mix. 

Post partum care  for up to 6 weeks 

Doing the NBS, (there is a fee to purchase the testing card) Hearing Screening (small fee if needs to  be repeated ), and CCHD testing (No fee for this test)

What else will I owe?

Fee to the assistant who also attends- $300.00

Some Lab's  (from $100.00 to $300.00)                                     

Ultra sounds -price depends on where you go to get the ultra sound.

Any doctors visits 



Herbal baths

Prenatal classes (Mandatory: if this is your first birth or first home birth)

DOULA Fee. If this is your  first birth, you will also need to hire a doula. 

NBS test care ($ depends on which state you live in)

Hearing supplies (average is $15.00)

CCHD Testing (no charge)

If testing baby's cord blood, a small lab fee.

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