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                  HERBAL BATHS               

Herbal Bath Recipe:

(this product is sold by Gentle Birth Midwifery Services)  

~~Lavender-muscle pain, healing, relaxing

~~Frankincense-stimulates circulation (to help speed                                                     healing), antiseptic, analgesic,

~~Myrrh-wounds and inflammation

~~Shepherds Purse-stops bleeding

~~Comfrey-Healing, cause cells to divide at an increased rate, thus healing bones and wounds more quickly (we used this on our dog once and her open sore healed over so fast that they actually had to lance it because it needed cleaned more-!  The vet was very impresses with the speed in which it healed!)

~~Arnica-good for sore muscles, bruising and swelling

~~Cinnamon Chips-germicidal effect and improves circulation

~~You can also add sea salt or Epson Salt.



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