Team Members

All team members are either a nurse or assistants.  They have CPR training and/or Neonatal (infant) CPR (Neonatal Resuscitation).  All practice with me and we will do yearly training's which include scenarios of "what if" that helps to keep our skills sharp. This is to ensure we are all well prepared to assist all midwives at births, and to serve you. 

The Midwife


Ireena Is a CPM, ASM, 

CDEM (Indiana). She is a CPM, ASM, LM (Michigan). 


Ellie has completed her training with Ireena and has become a CPM.  She currently works in Michigan with her own practice, but still will assist Ireena at births if she is available. 


Lana is a LPN who works full time in a nursing home. She occasionally will help at births when she is available. She has worked assisting at births since early 2000. Ireena trained her to take over teaching childbirth classes in LaGrange County, Indiana years ago when Ireena became too busy with doing births! 

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