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My Services

  • The midwifery model of care:

  • Respectful treatment, personal attention, confidence in your body, natural techniques for comfort, and a care provider who stays with you.

  • Prenatal care in your home or at my office.

  • I believe that good prenatal care will help reduce your risks.

  • Postpartum visits: Total of 3 (or 4).

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Prenatal Care

Services include comprehensive and holistic prenatal care with monthly visits until 32 weeks, then bi-weekly until 38 weeks, weekly until 41 weeks and twice weekly until delivery. My Prenatal care includes the necessary labs and ultrasounds. 


Birth will be in your home or the free standing birth center (meaning not affiliated with any hospital), that is located in Colon Michigan. 

Post-Partum Care

You will have immediate post partum care following your birth for up to 2 hours or as needed. You and your baby will receive care for the next 6 weeks.  We will come out in the first 48 hours following the birth, and then again in one week, at 2 weeks, 4 weeks and if needed, a 6 week visit.  

Collaborative Care

Gentle Birth Midwifery has a collaborative agreement with an awesome group of physicians and midwives who would happily see you for any problem that may arise.  Their group is where we will have your ultra sound done, and I encourage you to see them for a visit during your first trimester and during your third trimester. 

“In every country where I have seen real progress in maternity care, it was women’s groups working together with midwives that made the difference.”  

Marsden Wagner, MD

VBAC options are available.  (with some guidelines) Call me to talk about this!

Are you undecided about a home birth? Here is a link to get information about your local hospitals in Indiana, including how they rate for services and about their fees. 

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