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In Labor I Will

  • Be there for you in labor and birth. This is why I limit the number of clients I take.

  • Monitor your babies heart beat & your vitals (temperature, blood pressure and pulse)

  • Assess for dilation at the first labor assessment

  • Encourage you to move, walk, and change positions often in labor

  • Encourage you to eat and drink during labor

  • Continue to encourage you and support your decisions in the out of hospital setting  as long as everything is remaining normal

After the Birth I Will                   

  • Encourage bonding, skin to skin contact.

  • Monitor your vitals and the baby’s

  • Monitor your bleeding, checking the uterus                                                                              often to be sure it is contracting as it should                                                                            to avoid excessive bleeding

  • Help you get off to a good start with breast feeding

  • Be in your home for up to 2 hours or as needed after the birth. (I do not leave you if I feel that there is a need for me to stay)


  • I will call you or come to see you during the first 24-72 hours. I will remain available via phone 24 hours a day for you

  • I will come out between day 1 and day 3 after the birth

  • Do the new born screening after the baby is 24 hours old for Michigan and  Indiana families.  (This test is also known as the PKU).  I will also do the  CCHD testing at this time. 

  • Be available for you via phone in between the postpartum visits during the 6 weeks period.

  • Help you fill out the birth certificate

  • I will come out to see you again  for up to 2 more visits.  At one of these visits I will do the New Born Hearing test for your baby.

  • Remember, this means you will have 3  postpartum visits.  

  • If I feel at any time prenatally, in labor, or after the baby is born, you or your baby have moved out of the normal, I will transfer your care to a physician.

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