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Post Partum Depression


When a baby cries

 In a case of post partum depression, I have this story:  

 If you can’t sit with the baby as she cries, because you are feeling stressed or having feelings like you may hurt the baby because of this stress, then place her safely in the middle of your bed, and go out of the room, just for a few minutes. The baby may cry her self to sleep, maybe she is over stimulated. If after a short break for you, she has not stopped crying, then go to her again after you are calm. Always remain calm with your baby.

I am not saying to let your baby cry herself to sleep all of the time, so please understand me here. I believe that your baby needs something when she cries, even if it is to just be held. Sometimes mothers get stressed, and rather than respond to your infant in a negative way because of her crying, I am saying to leave baby in a safe spot, and get out of the room for a few minutes. Calm yourself, then go back. Baby will cry, this is hard to know that is happening and your feeling too stressed to deal with it, but if you are that close to responding in a bad way… take time out. MOST important – get help!!! So if you find yourself doing this, then you need help. It is ok to admit that.  Post postpartum depression is real! Don’t go at it alone. Tell your midwife!

   If your babies cry changes, becomes high pitched, very low pitched, has a sound almost like a nanny goat, or any unusual sound in the cry -call your care provider.

Other reasons:

If you are experiencing PP Depression, Please Please Please ask for help! You may need more than just physical support, you might need medical help and medicines.  It is nothing to be ashamed of when you need help!

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