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DAY 8 to 6 weeks

  • ~~You can begin doing a little more after day 8, if you are up to it. By a little more I mean standing for a while at the sink to do dishes is ok, but doing laundry, carrying heavy clothes baskets is not. Wet clothing is heavy.  Sitting down on the couch and folding laundry is not going to hurt you, but carrying the basket is. Remember: Your baby is ONLY this small for these few weeks, please just enjoy this time with your baby! It is precious time! 

  • ~~If you have a toddler that wants to be held a lot, sit down on the couch and allow the child to climb up to you. Don’t pick up the child.

  • ~~Remember that you will begin bleeding more if you                                                               are doing too much.

  • ~~Remember that you can get pregnant even this early.

  • ~~Resume sex only when you feel that you are ready.                                                              You should let your body heal for at least the 6 weeks.

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